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Please note that due to the COVID-19 restrictions, all in situ workshops are on hold until mid July. We are currently developping a Patreon page, stay tuned for more info on this front.

In situ regular classes will be back in September for the 2020/2021 season. In the meantime please find in the online section, the schedule and details for our regular online classes. All run in French at the moment.

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An accomplished dance and fitness instructor, Coney Bow has been offering classes, workshops and mentoring programs in Burlesque, Chair Dance, Retro Cabaret and Mind Body for over 10 years. With her passionate and engaging teaching style she advocates knowledge sharing, self expression and community development.
Below is a list, per style, of all the regular classes, workshops and special events taught by Coney Bow.

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Coney Bow Burlesque education
Coney Bow has been performing on the International burlesque scene for the past 6 years and has been sharing her gained experience through workshops since she came back from her first tour in 2015. In France she teaches the only regular burlesque classes in her city and collaborates with other performers to offer monthly workshops. Coney Bow was a presenter at Burlycon 2019 with her “Warm up 101” and “This is not a chair” workshops.


. Burlesque Choreography - ONLINE | On Zoom | Class in French

. Burlesquercise - ONLINE | On Zoom | Class in French

. Burlesque Open | Monday 8.30pm | DNA Dance Area - Montpellier (France) | Back in September 2020


. Ladies Nights

. Burlesque Bootcamps

Coney Bow Chair Dance education

Coney Bow started her chair dance journey studying “Mein Herr” from Cabaret for a term paper on choreography structure as part of her Masters in Dance. Since then she has made it her specialty and trademark with workshops and courses regularly booked around the world. She was invited in 2019 to teach a masters level chair dance course at Lille University in France and was a presenter at Burlycon 2019 with her “This is not a chair” workshop.


. ChairFit - ONLINE | On Zoom | Class in French

. Chair Choreography - ONLINE | On Zoom | Class in French

. Chair Inter course | Saturday 3pm | ASG Danse - Gigean (France) | Back in September 2020


. Chair Bootcamp

Coney Bow Retro Cabaret education
A lover of dance history from a young age, Coney Bow grew up performing in a retro themed youth troupe before becoming a dancer for French cabaret revues when she turned 18. She honed her skills writing her uni papers on cabaret and vintage musicals and attending as many musical theaters and retro style workshops as she could. She has been sharing her passion offering retro style workshops in dance schools and vintage/burlesque festivals around New Zealand and France since 2005.


. Charleston for Showgirls - ONLINE | On Zoom | Class in French

. 60s Go-go course | Saturday 4.45pm | ASG Danse - Gigean (France) | Back in September 2020


. Ladies Nights

Coney Bow Mind Body education
Technically trained in jazz, ballet and contemporary, Coney Bow has always been interested in dancers' physicality and their relation to their body. She has trained in body alignment in New York City, followed courses on movement analysis, anatomy and physiology as part of her masters in dance and has completed both a physical teacher diploma and a Pilates instructor certification. She has been invited by dance studios and companies to run master classes on body prep and was a presenter at Burlycon 2019 with her “Warm up 101” workshop.


. Contemporary Flow - ONLINE | On Zoom | Class in French

. Body Element | Wednesday 9am | ASG Danse - Gigean (France) | Back in September 2020

. Dynamic Stretch | Wednesday 10am | ASG Danse - Gigean (France) | Back in September 2020

. Pilates | Friday 7.45pm | ASG Danse - Gigean (France) | Back in September 2020


. Chair Barre


. Body Element Weekend

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