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During the year Coney Bow teaches regular classes for two schools in the Montpellier-Sète area (south of France). Burlesque Open for DNA Dance Area and Body Element, Dynamic stretch, Pilates as well as Chair Dance & Retro cabaret courses for ASG Danse.

Please note that the dance schools are currently on summer break. The 2020/2021 season will start in September 2020.

See details for all the Regular Classes below.

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Coney Bow Burlesque open class

▼ MONDAY 8.30PM | Burlesque Open

In this 75 minute class, you will learn burlesque basics and play every week with staple props and moves: gloves and stocking peal, bump & grind, floor and chair work etc. The class always starts with a fun warm up exercise followed by strut practice before jumping into the theme of the week. You can attend casually and each class is adapted to the level of the participants.

What to wear / bring:

. Comfortable clothes that you can movie in. It can be sexy or not, anything goes. Be yourself!

. A pair of heels that you can dance in (no stilettos)

. Additional props or clothes will be mentioned on Coney Bow's Instagram Stories and Faceook Page depending on the theme of the week.

Every Monday - 8.30pm | Back in September 2020

DNA Dance Area, 183 rue de l'industrie - Montpellier (France)

Casual: 13€ | 1 trimester: 175€ | Whole year (10 months): 270€

Registration: DNA Dance Area

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Coney Bow Chair Dance & Retro Cabaret courses

▼ SATURDAY 3PM & 4.45PM | Chair Dance & Retro Cabaret | 6 class Courses

Chair Dance

In this 90 minute 6 class course, you will up your skills in basic chair dance and learn more intermediate and acrobatic moves. Each class of the course starts with a warm up and a complete chair barre workout before working on technical moves. You will then learn a choreography that will be developped thoughout the 6 classes of the course. Be ready to use your abs, your arms and maybe to find yourself hanging upside down!

Retro Cabaret: 60s Go-go

In this 90 minute 6 class course you will learn all the fun steps from the 60s combined on fast paced and groovy music. Each class of the course starts with a warm up, followed by practical exercises to practice and get used to the basic 60s Go-go steps. You will then learn an original 1960s themed choreography that will be that will be developped thoughout the 6 classes of the course.

What to wear / bring:

. Comfortable workout clothes that you can movie in. Leggings, shorts and tights, track pants, etc.

. For chair Dance: socks | For 60s Go-go: a pair of heels that you can dance in (no stilettos)

Every other Saturday | 3.00pm - Chair Dance | 4.45pm - 60s Go-go | Back in September 2020

ASG Danse, rue Pompe Vieille - Gigean (FRANCE)

1 course: 75€ | 2 courses: 105€


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Coney Bow Pilates & Body Element

▼ WEDNESDAY 9AM | Body Element - WEDNESDAY 10AM | Dynamic Stretch - FRIDAY 7.45PM | Pilates

Body Element

This 60 minute class offers to loosen the tensions in your body through a series of low impact floor exercises focussing on joint mobility and the physical relationship between our different body parts. You will play with all your joints from your toes to your first vertebra, test your range of motion possibilities and explore the structural connections in your body.


This 60 minute Matwork 1 class is built so that you can attend it for the whole year. The year is devided in 6 blocks that progress through the 17 Matwork 1 exercises and introducing new ones each block. Each class starts with a joint and muscle warm up before getting into Pilates action.

What to wear / bring:

. Comfortable workout clothes that you can movie in

. A towel or your own matt

Body Element: Every Wednesday - 9am | Dynamic Stretch: Every Wednesday - 10am | Pilates: Every other Friday - 7.45pm | Back in September 2020

ASG Danse, rue Pompe Vieille - Gigean (FRANCE)

1 class per year: 150€ | 2 classes per year: 260€

Registration: ASG Danse registration form

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