Can I Be That One? [NEW]

A blues song, a chair and a shirt... An intimate and acrobatic act.

. Music: "U Complete Me (Blues Version)" by Ana Popovic
. Duration: 5'23
. Style/Themes: Classic | Chair Dance | Blues

Nominated "favorite strip tease routine" at the Golder Garter Awards 2017 and won "Best Act" at the Rock n'Roll Circus Awards 2017. Selected at the Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival 2019.

Promo Girl

A fun and upbeat act. Coney Bow plays with the different images of the 1960s promo girls.

. Music: "Annick" and "Brats" from "Metroland" Original soundtrack
. Duration: 5'34
. Style/Themes: Neo Classic | 1960s | Gogo | Promo Girl

Selected at burlesque festivals: Australian (2016), Hawaii (2016), Edmonton (2017), Como Lake (2017), Bohemian (2017) | Awards: Duchess of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2015, Best Neo at Grand Tease Hamilton Heat 2016, Supreme Grand Tease New Zealand 2016.

The Dancer in Green

A chair solo inspired by the Cyd Charisse/Gene Kelly famous duet in "Singin' in the Rain".

. Music: "Broadway Ballet" from "Singing in the rain" original soundtrack - Lennie Hayton
. Duration: 2'58
. Style/Themes: Classic | Chair Dancing | 1920s | Musical

Selected at Burlesque Festivals: Australia (2014), Ottawa (2014), New Orleans (2015), New York (2015), Minneapolis (2016), Montreal (2016), Como Lake (2017), Stockholm (2017), Geneva (2018), Taormina (2018) and at the Napier Winter Deco festival 2016 | Awards: Duchess of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014.

Bittersweet Shimmer

A classic act inspired by 1960s traditional Las Vegas showgirls revue.

. Music: "Blues in the Night" - written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer - performed by Quincy Jones
. Duration: 3'56
. Style/Themes: Classic | Bump & Grind | Vegas Showgirl

Selected at Burlesque Festivals: Australia (2015), Como Lake (2018) and Napier Deco Festival 2017 | Awards: Supreme Grand Tease New Zealand 2016.

Do The Thing

A Nerdlesque comedic act inspired by the TV Show "Avatar: The Legend of Korra". Coney Bow plays with the art deco meet steam punk feel of the show and one of its catch phrase.

. Music: "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" Original Soundtrack
. Duration: 4'58
. Style/Themes: Nerdlesque | Art Deco | 1920s | Charleston

Selected Burlesque Festivals: Ottawa (2015), Big Burlesque Blowout (2016)

(Hommage a) Josephine

A tribute to Josephine Baker. Coney brings to life the multiple faceted character from her slick photoshoot poses to the exuberance of her charleston steps.

. Music: "J'attendrai", "Don't you touch me tomatoes" by Josephine Baker - "La Sirene des Tropiques" Soundtrack
. Duration: 3'10
. Style/Themes: Classic | 1920s | Charleston | French

Selected at the Napier Deco Festival winter edition 2016 and Summer edition 2017.

Jazzy Cabaret

A cabaret solo inspired by Bob Fosse's style. From it's technically packed jazz numbers, to his slick and unmistakable style that changed the face of Broadway

. Music: "Roxie's Suite"and "Hot Honey Rag" from "Chicago" original soundtrack
. Duration: 4'12
. Style: Jazz | Charleston | Fosse | 1920s

Haunted Chair

A chair act specially created for Halloween. When the fantom of heart broken young woman haunts every year the chair on which she died.

. Music: "And She Sang" by The Puppini Sisters
. Duration: 4'18
. Style: Chair dancing | Halloween

Solo Charleston

A 1920s style flapper performance that can be danced on any charleston music and for a duration up to 5 minutes.

. Music: Classic charleston tracks such as "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Tiger Rag", "Satanic Blues", "Prohibition Dridge", "Charleston"
"Bang Bang" by Will I Am for a modern take
. Duration: 2 to 5 minutes
. Style: Charleston | 1920s | Flapper | Great Gatsby